The Characters

Randy: A new comer to the Jergon Tribe, the only new comer for twenty years. His hearts desire is to marry his beloved Katlin and be a member of the tribe. Yet his dark past haunts him. Would Katlin love him still if she knew of his sins? He does not recall when he was born; but members of the tribe place him in his late teens, early twenties.

Katlin: Daughter of Tim Jergon and Carmon. On the night before her wedding to Randy, Katlin goes to him as he stands guard. It is a tribe tradition that the groom spends the night before his wedding on guard duty. Since the rest of their lives will be spent in a wagon fleeing the wolves, this was a rare time to be with her man. She just wished that he didn't try to constantly prove himself worthy to the tribe. They accepted him long ago.

The Captain: His real name is Bernard. At ninety plus years old. He has out lived three wives. But his mind is as sharp as ever. He has eleven children and twenty four grandchildren. To his regret, some have past before him. His greatest enjoyment now days are spinning stories for the campfire. Some of his tales came from his childhood, some from his head and at his age he didn't know for sure which was which. The Tales of the Dragons though, they were told to him to be past on.

Kyle McQue: Son of Jeff and Amy McQue. Eight year old Kyle does not remember his father. He heard stories of his strength and heroism but there was no memory. As far as he was concerned, Randy was his dad. Randy was the fastest and strongest and smartest man in the tribe. He liked Katlin, but he should marry his mom and give him brothers and sisters to play with.

Amy McQue: No man can ever replace her late husband Jeff. Kyle was her pride and joy. So when Kyle keeps asking her to marry Randy she quickly says no. Yet a part of her wouldn't mind it at all.

Black Wolf: Black Wolf was the Omega of the pack, the lowest. He was tired of the old ways of the pack, only hunting humans on the full moon. They were a pack of fools, lead by the Flash of Chief Wolf. They followed the stupid religion of Gray Wolf, not seeing it for what it was a manipulation of their minds. When night time fell, he will prove to those imbeciles it was all a lie. He didn't know who he hated more, the human tribes, or the old ones stuck in their ridiculous ways. If he had his way, he would kill them all and after tonight, he may get his wish.

Nuada: Leader of the Raiders. As his father was, and his father before him. He knows the woods are changing. The wolves are different. Can he change the ways of the Raiders, or succumb to the changing world.

Eddie Paskey: Eddie knew how good it was to be young and strong, he and his best pal Randy could take on the world and have more then enough time for the ladies.

Jillian Paskey: Eddie's sister was always afraid her brother would get his head shot off on one of his trips. Now the dumb thug brought a complete stranger back with him. There was something odd about this Randy fellow and she was going to find out what it was.

Gray Wolf: Black Wolf will get us all killed, was the thought constantly going through his head. The Moon goddess Darcia will smite us down if he continues with his blaspheme.


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