The Characters


Dr. Ann Vroom: Dr. Vroom, Vee to her friends, not only holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology, she is a black belt in the art of Tae-Kempo. Professor of Immunology at Jewett College and research scientist at Palindrome Labs, she has mastered many fields, except her love life. Her only failure was her marriage to Steve Vroom.

Dr. Dee Burns: Besides being a Ph.D. In Molecular Biology, Dee is Ann's best friend. Also a research scientist at Palindrome, Dee has been asked to help the military with Project L. If Vee knew what she was doing, she would be jealous.

General Stown: Stown is in charge of Project L., despite what the uppity wench Burns thinks. If this works out, he'd be the most powerful man in the country, if not the world.

Colleen: Dr. Vroom's graduate assistant. Loyal to Vee, but cannot let on to what she is really doing.

Emily: Colleen's best pal and partner in crime. Studying science under Vee, she has also grown to love her as a sister.

Sensei Greg: Greg has trained with Vee for over a decade in the art of Tae-Kempo. By far, she is his best student. He has always known she had a special gift.

Aziza: Fellow black belt and fiancé to Greg. It kills her to keep secrets from Vee, but it's for the best.

Agent O'Riodan: Magnus O'Riodan has only one purpose, to protect the interests of the United States of America. People just don't understand.

Elias: Elias has been keeping Palindrome's Labs clean and organized for thirty plus years. The place would crash and burn if it wasn't for him. All those snooty scientists didn't know their ass from their elbow around here, except Dr. Burns.

The Boyz from Da' Ville: The BFDV is an elite strike force consisting of Private James Pruitt, Mike Chapman, and Charlie Belsito. They are lead by Sergeant Kirkland who knows that he and his men have been betrayed. Things have looked better for the Boyz; they lost Privet Dogger who was the soul of the group. His death has hit them hard; Pruitt is imagining his voice warning him about an apocalypse. He will find out who is responsible, and they will pay.


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