The Characters


Craig Scalici: The only thing Detective Craig Scalici wants to do is to be left alone and raise his daughter. He enjoys his work, getting mob boss Gercio behind bars would be the highlight of his career, but his child comes first. Too bad his fellow police officers do not feel the same. He knows they resent the fact he's not one of the 'gang'. To be blunt, he doesn't give a rat's ass what they think. But what is happening to the other crime bosses? And who is this woman he dreams about each night?

Frank Gercio: Crime boss. Things were going well with his business until that piss ant detective started in on him. He'll have to be taken care of.

Eye-Isha Barlow: Detective Barlow has been Craig's partner for a year and a half. Although he was Italian, he had the luck of the Irish. Raised a good Christian girl, some of Craig's antics rubs her the wrong way. As the mother of three sons herself, she could understand his desire to be a good father, but Craig boarders on obsession with his little girl. She knows his own dad was an evil, abusive S.O.B. but he hasn't told everything.

Julie Snow: Landlady to the Scalicis. Julie is tough as nails. She's not going to take crap from anyone, but makes sure they have a good hot meal before she kicks them out on their ass.

Meredith Scalici: Craig's seven year old daughter. Merri loves her dad. She wishes he was home more. She wants to tell him about her nightmares when he's not so busy.

Marcella Zimmer: Gercio's only child. Despite her hulking appearance, Marcella was as powerful as her father. This Scalici creep was making life for Poppa miserable. She couldn't understand why hey father didn't take care of him. She had every intention of taking care of this bastard once she took control, and that would be soon.

Benny: Gercio's lieutenant and hit man. He knows where the real power is, Marcella. He's been in the game long enough to play it well. Daddy's little girl will be in charge soon.

Jeanine Snow: Teenage daughter of Julie Snow and full time babysitter of Meredith. She loves that little girl so. The poor kid needs it. Since she had no mother she would take her place.

Mrs. McIlvain: Mother and grandmother to Julie and Jeanine Snow. Her favorite time of the day is sitting in her chair on the front porch and watching the world go by. She feels her tenants were her children, still needing a mother to be there for them. She also likes her Tab drink on a hot summer's day.

Dr. Christina Lee: Professor Lee is the department Chair for Asian/European folklore at C.W.Post College in Brooville, New York and author of The Complete Book of Dragons. Her Korean upbringing has exposed her to many stories of dragons. She never thought they were actually real.


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